Talk Now a registered charity Reg No. SCO 42591

Dedicated to serving the needs of the community in South Lanarkshire and surrounding area. The main focus is to provide support to anyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse and family members who have been affected by abuse with a particular emphasis on those who have suffered the abuse during childhood.

It is widely recognised, that childhood sexual abuse can have a pervasive negative impact on an individual throughout their life.
The experience frequently impacts on the development of any lasting relationships they may make as adults.
It can also be directly linked to mental health issues later in life. Talk Now is being established out of a passion and commitment to help people affected by these problems.

The service has been set up by individuals who for many years have been actively participating in both providing counselling services and the provision of training for others entering into frontline services in this field. Talk Now is being created by fully qualified professionals with many years of experience and a unique understanding of the issues involved.

The vision and desire to set up Talk Now comes out of recognition that there is currently an inadequate provision of service for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Despite the fact that almost one in three people will have experienced some form of sexual abuse there still remains a social stigma against talking about it.

Talk Now aims to raise awareness of the issues involved and to provide a safe and confidential service to tackle the problems on a one to one basis with anyone affected.